Lukas Razek real road 125 GP racing

about me

name: Luka Rážek

age: 25

job: snowboardshop assistent

first race: 1996 - minibike 40 cc, 2000 -  motodrom 125 cc GP, 2004 - road racing 125 GP

weigh: 62 kg

height: 176 cm

eyes: green

hair: none

motorcycle: Honda RS 125R

team: Heron racing team

favourite circuit: technical with corners (Horice or Hungaroring)

favourite book: messages from forever (marlo morgan)

favourite food: chicken steak

favourite drink: still water

drink with alcohol : czech RUM, Captain Morgan black label or Irish whiskey :)

hobby: racing, motorcycles, snowboarding, drinking, music, trips

favourite music: speedcore tekno

favourite rider: Barry Sheene, Guy Martin

favourite sports(wo)man: Marit Bjoergen